Trivia Melee:
The rules, kids.

  • Upon signing up, you will receive trivia questions approximately once a week. These questions will be sent to your cell phone and will invariably horrify you with their difficulty.
  • You have three hours from the time the question is sent out to answer it. This is to allow for people who waste their time with things such as "school" or "work" and thus don't have the time to monitor text messages every three minutes.
  • Scoring will be based on a percentage of correct answers to overall responses. The probability of me making a mathematical error is staggering.
  • Your score will be eligible for the 'scores' list once you've responded to five questions. Until that point, you will be listed alphabetically below the top scores.
  • Please refrain from looking up any answers. Either you know them or everyone's smarter than you. Don't ruin this for the kids. Not like there are prizes, anyway.
  • Like the gray fox, sniffing among the underbrush for some delicious carrion to bring home to his dying, raccoon girlfriend . . . good luck.