wEiNErS, JIM?©           Official Rule Book






Pre-game Actions


A.     wEiNErS, JIM?© can be played in teams or individually. Teams may range from 2-3 partners. Partners sit next to each other and face the center of the table.


B.     The game pieces are placed in the center of the table, in a jumbled fashion. The official game clock is placed over the pieces as to not reveal the location of any pieces prior to the start of game-play.


C.     The team that is keeping time removes the clock at any time they so desire, provided that the second hand is on the 3, 6, 9, or 12. (It is recommended that female teams only allow their opponents to start at 12 to avoid confusion in counting.) With the removal of the clock, wEiNErS, JIM?© has begun.



Game Actions


A.     The team who is playing wEiNErS, JIM?© begins a mad dash to arrange the game pieces into the title phrase.


B.     Teams may use any tactic to arrange the letters. They may adopt the sliding method, the lift-and-place method, or any other method they see fit. Communication amongst team members is key to a successful game.


C.     Once the letters are arranged and each member of the playing team flashes the wEiNErS, JIM?© hand sign, the opposing team may approve of or reject the formation (with good cause).


D.     If it is approved, the elapsed time from start to finish is noted. If it is rejected the playing team must rearrange the letters until they are in the proper position. The time may then be recorded.


E.      The time-keeping team is encouraged to keep a detailed watch over the time, as to keep accurate and fair records of wEiNErS, JIM?© “best times”.



Intricacies of the Formation


There are a number of Founder-stipulated provisions that must be followed in order to stop the clock and earn an official time. They are as follows:

1.      The w and the M may not be substituted. They must be located within their respective words.


2.      There are two E’s: E and E. The small E (E) must come first and the large E (E) must come second; hence wEiNErS, JIM?©.


3.      There are also two I’s: i and I. The larger, lowercase I (i) must be located in wEiNErS, and the smaller, uppercase I (I) must be located in JIM?.    *** Note that the dot is not attached to the I (i). It must be located and placed on it separately.


4.      The lowercase r (r), interestingly enough, is not included in the game. It must be formed from a combination of a lowercase n and a small I. The base of the lowercase n however, must overlap the top of the small I, thereby creating a lowercase r. (It is hoped that this intricate facet of the game is not overly difficult to comprehend)


5.      The comma (,) and question mark (?) are the two most important pieces of the game. They provide the character and the flavor that is wEiNErS, JIM?©. They must be placed in their appropriate places. No elaboration necessary.


6.      The false pieces and shapes must be placed no closer than 6 inches from any letter in the formation provided that the table is supple enough.



*** Note: It is the responsibility of the timing team to make sure that all pieces are in their appropriate positions. The time may only be recorded when all pieces are placed correctly.



To maintain the Fructus Fructus itaque Amicitia (see constitution) of wEiNErS, JIM?© please abide by all rules and take pride in being one of the many who call themselves